Goals and AirGO

S.T.A.R.S. a Sustainable Future

There is a clear message for corporate culture: Doing good business and doing good is not only compatible but necessary. Companies should not set their focus on profit and expansion without equally promoting inclusivity, social and environmental issues.

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Lamborgini AirGO

A Critical Mission

Late in 2017, we had the unique opportunity to fly a last-minute, late-night mission for Lamborghini. Initially, given the prestige of executive aviation, the crew naturally assumed the two gentlemen passengers were board-level travellers from the company.

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Avanti EVO Starts Operation with AirGO Charter Fleet

Being the most experienced and leading Piaggio Avanti operator in Europe, AirGO Private Airline is very happy to introduce the first Avanti EVO in charter operation. AirGO has a strong presence on UK, French and Mediterranean market, with a focus on London, Paris and South France and operates between destinations all over Europe, North Africa to the Middle East.

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