Piaggio Avanti

The Piaggio Avanti EVO is in a class of its own – neither a jet nor a turboprop. The Avanti offers high performance, more comfort and greater efficiency at a lower price than any other light jet available today. AirGO is proud to operate the largest Piaggio Avanti fleet in Europe.

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Seats 8
Baggage Capacity Volume 1.00 m³ / 35 ft3
Speed 402 ktas / 745 km/h
Range 1,490 nm / 2,759 km
Interior Width 6.07 ft / 1,85 m
Interior Height 5.74 ft / 1,75 m


The Avanti EVO is a unique and smart private jet that amazes every passenger with its inviting cabin – with a 1.75 m ceiling allowing for comfortable movement and a gangway to walk through. It also has a convenient restroom with window and wardrobe.

The cabin noise level and vibrations are as low as in modern jets.


The Avanti has the versatility to be used for long flights, while also able to access short runways. Low fuel consumption and new noise-reduced propeller design make the EVO the greenest business jet available today. It has flying altitudes like airliners, but with the fuel consumption of a turboprop. With a maximum speed of 400 kt or Mach 0.7, the Avanti is as fast as a light jet. At the same speed, however, the Avanti only needs about 60 % of the fuel thanks to its patented Three-Lifting-Surface Configuration and its non-cylindrical low-drag fuselage.


  • New noise reduced propeller
  • Anti-Skid
  • Upgrade for Integrated Flight Information Collins IFIS 5000
  • Electronic Charts Collins ECH 5000 and Maps Overlay Collins OVL 5000
  • LPV approaches, CAT II approaches certified
  • ADS-B Out
  • Paperless cockpit
  • Second GPS Garmin


  • VIP –6Seat Cabin Arrangementin your colour specifications
  • 4single passenger seats in club arrangement with extra wide space and dual executive tables
  • 2single side-facing seats
  • Big refreshment centre and additional cabinet
  • Fully enclosed lavatory with flushing potty, sink with water system and wardrobe
  • Dual executive tables
  • 110 VAC power outlets

AirGO Services

AirGO is the most experienced Avanti operator in Europe. You can opt for NCO/NCC operation (exclusive private use) or AOC charter operation (commercial third-party charter). We offer full service for purchase, equipment, registration, management and charter of your Piaggio Avanti EVO private jet.

The consultancy for defining the state-of-the-art equipment and the supervision of the process from purchase to the start of operation is a complementary service provided by AirGO Management.

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