Part-NCC Operation exclusive use by the owner

Corporate Aircraft Management

Value your private jet asset with commercial operation experience

Since several years, owners of business jets operated privately in one of the EASA Member States have to comply with a new operational regulation called Part-NCC. This regulation applies to all types of business jets under corporate private jet operation.
When AirGO manages your aircraft as the NCC-Management Company, you as the owner, as well as your personnel, are relieved from the complexity of EASA regulation. AirGO will ensure compliance requirements are met on your behalf. Meanwhile you continue to enjoy the flexibility of being the owner and operator of your jet.

Part-NCC requires complex management tools and compliance by private jet owners.

  • Set up and maintain Operations Manuals
  • Set up a Safety Management System
  • Declare to the competent National Aviation Authority compliance to the regulation
  • Keep the responsibility and liability for the operation of your jet
  • Set up a CAMO or enrol the aircraft into an organisation managing its continuous airworthiness
  • Assure training in accordance with EASA crew requirements

AirGO support provides peace of mind

AirGO operates your aircraft under corporate private jet operation to the highest safety and airworthiness standards, and meets the regulatory requirements of EASA and of the State of Registry.
AirGO can provide crew from its pilot pool, or can help train your own crew to the standard of commercial aviation with two check flights per year or, according your wish, just a single check ride. AirGO will further handle your private jet operation by:

  • Incorporating the aircraft into management and maintenance systems, and the crew into approved operating procedures
  • Supervising crew training, skills and crew records
  • Supporting current crew and establishing SOPs and lines of responsibility
  • Providing CAMO and ensuring that continuing airworthiness requirements are met
  • Including the aircraft, its equipment and Minimum Equipment List into regular audits

Other benefits:

  • Easy access to additional charter flights of same quality
  • Decide at any time to enrol your aircraft for third-party charter on an AOC without complicated enrolment procedures
  • Enjoy a personalised Service with top service and excellent catering. We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner on fine china. Each meal and refreshment is freshly prepared and selected with the help of master chefs, and sourced from outstanding delicatessen shops and restaurants. Simply relax and enjoy your flight – possibly with a glass of fine wine.
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