Committed to a Sustainable Future

AirGO is deeply committed to reducing our environmental impact as much as possible.

Flying CO2 neutral with immediate effect is not a dream of the future, but already reality. The AirGO Book & Claim model makes it possible. Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is not purchased for a specific flight but used in equivalent quantities in a network. The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter where SAF is refuelled. What counts is the CO2 balance. AirGO works towards environmentally friendly practices in all areas of service: we were the first German operator to be certified for a paperless cockpit; avoid the use of plastic wherever possible and promote the complete removal of single-use plastic; we operate only the most fuel-efficient private jet; as well as provide a SAF Book & Claim program to make a carbon neutral private flight possible on each route and AirGO refuels Sustainable Aviation Fuel whenever available on airports.

Additionally, AirGO is proud to partner with Compensaid, an initiative from the Lufthansa Innovation Hub to assure offsetting of carbon emissions via the AirGO SAF Book & Claim model using CO2-neutral synthetic aviation fuel.

Responsibility Starts with Transparency

While travel is imperative in uniting people, nurturing business and fostering cultural understanding, it is more important than ever to understand how our travel impacts our environment, and effect meaningful changes.

Through the Compensaid program, people can monitor their travel activities, receive detailed reports of all their flights with any airline worldwide for better insight into their CO2 emissions, and offset their individual carbon footprint directly via the platform.

Passengers can choose whether they wish to contribute to Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) to effect an immediate reduction of CO2 by replacing fossil fuel by SAF, or to the MyClimate Reforestation project for long-term CO2 reduction in the atmosphere or a mixed ratio of both.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)

“Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is the first viable alternative to fossil-based jet fuel. It is the key to sustainable air travel as it can be used to power planes today without significant changes to existing infrastructure. Compared to fossil fuels it reduces carbon emissions up to 80% percent.” (Source: Compensaid)

AirGO introduces Compensaid in business aviation to provide an easy and transparent way to compensate your CO2 footprint today with an immediate impact by replacing fossil fuels with Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), and by bringing the respective amount of SAF into airline operations within six months. Book carbon neutral private flight as of today!

Compensate with AirGO

Thanks to the AirGO partnership with Compensaid, you can now also offset your AirGO flights to make your private jet travel carbon neutral.

Get started your carbon neutral private flight to see the impact of your travel, and help accelerate progress towards a more sustainable future.

How does the AirGO SAF Book & Claim model work in operations?

Flying CO2 neutral with immediate effect is not a dream of the future, but already reality. The Book & Claim model makes it possible. SAF is not purchased for a specific flight, but used in equivalent quantities in a network. The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter where SAF is refuelled. What counts is the CO2 balance.

This model makes SAF accessible to more customers and is particularly important as the demand for the fuel and associated investment will enable the expansion of supply to more airports and drive economies of scale. SAF is already being produced today and could be available in significantly higher quantities. It is a significant step forward by currently reducing about 80% of CO2 emissions.

SAF is produced in a resource-saving process. Renewable resources that have already absorbed CO2 in their previous course of use are used for production. Biomass, algae, or oil waste, for example, are used. SAF also performs better in comparison to biofuels. SAF is predominantly produced from existing waste products (both biological and non-biological). Its production is therefore not in conflict with the clearing of forests and promotion of monocultures for fuel production.

Supporting the SAF production by introducing it via Book & Claim systems is crucial to a wider usage of SAF.

As innovation needs research, and research needs money, the production and sale of SAF is, so to speak, an upward spiral that could enormously promote the goal of producing SAF with the help of CO2 extraction directly from the air.

How to Contribute

Get started and contribute to an active community of private jet travelers.

  • Visit and fill in departure and arrival airport
  • Create your account
  • Choose the ratio of SAF and Reforestation and the amount of contribution
  • Confirm your credit card details – You will receive an email confirmation and certificate


  • Give the crew your contact details or write to The AirGO operations team will get in touch to discuss the compensation process for your future flights in advance.

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