A Critical Mission

Lamborgini AirGO

A last-minute, late-night mission for Lamborghini ensured its Urus would launch on time.

Late in 2017, we had the unique opportunity to fly a last-minute, late-night mission for Lamborghini. Initially, given the prestige of executive aviation, the crew naturally assumed the two gentlemen passengers were board-level travellers from the company. However, after exchanging welcome-onboard pleasantries, our passengers quickly said that executive formalities were not necessary (‘we are technicians’) and explained that their mechanical expertise was urgently needed at a Lamborghini testing site. They were on a mission to fix a critical auto part on Lamborghini’s Urus, the world’s first Super Sport Utility Vehicle.

Our flight plan took us to southeast Spain just a couple of weeks before the automobile’s anticipated launch date. The SUV was undergoing final testing at a private Formula One track owned by an Irishman who is a car enthusiast and a guru in the horse-racing world. At midnight, we flew the two-man team of Lamborghini engineers from Bologna, Italy, to Malaga, Spain. En-route, we found out that one of our passengers had never travelled by air before! We laughed and said…seriously? Okay then, you must have champagne!!

The journey was smooth, the company enjoyable and the component was fixed on the Urus Lamborghini, making it launch ready.

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