AirGO is making it easier for customers to participate in the development of Sustainable Aviation Fuels through a partnership with LEON and SQUAKE

Since 2020 AirGO has been one of the pioneering business jet operators offering its passengers high-quality carbon projects to support in order to compensate for the share of CO2 emissions of their travels.
We have chosen a method that allows our customers to opt for Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) which bears the significant advantage of an immediate impact.

Today, the availability of SAF, a fuel extracted from resources like preexisting waste materials, is gradually increasing but still limited. Compared to traditional fossil-based fuel, SAF reduces up to 80% of the emissions of flight-related operations. We have been able to present our customers with options to invest in SAF to participate in scaling the development and adoption of this key technology of the future.

Enabled by the book & claim model AirGO’s customers have been able to compensate for the carbon emissions on any flight by purchasing SAF within a network. At the bottom line, for the carbon balance, it doesn’t matter where in the network the consumption of the resource takes place, as long as the investment causes the renewable resource to be brought to the network.
Now, to create a seamless experience for booking such compensated flights and to simplify opting for SAF even more, we will offer this automatically with every flight.
To achieve this AirGO has two technology partners on board: SQUAKE and LEON Software.

Our new partner SQUAKE is an end-to-end solution with an engine for precise calculation of carbon emissions and related compensation costs. Integrated at the heart of AirGO’s infrastructure, it enables the automation of carbon compensation along the booking flow. The SQUAKE solution was customized according to AirGO’s needs and via an API endpoint clients are presented with the option to compensate for their emissions via Sustainable Aviation Fuel within their usual flight booking flow. It can be selected and purchased in a single transaction. Also, a subsequent certificate is issued after the SAF has been put in place.

LEON is a long-standing partner of AirGO and a provider of web-based software which has been implemented in many business units like our flight management and scheduling. A few years ago, together we launched a real-time pricing tool for private jet charter flights. The online quote tool has allowed our clients to conveniently check flight prices online and speed up the booking process. Now, this feature is expanded by the CO2 calculation engine by SQUAKE.

The synergy of tools provided by SQUAKE and LEON allows us to calculate the costs of a private jet charter, the related carbon emissions and the cost to compensate for it in one step and basically real-time. SAF can be chosen across all our distribution channels. For clients directly requesting a flight, B2B partners on Avinode and anyone on our website

This is a big progress towards a seamless booking of CO2 emission-compensated private jet flights. We believe that by making our sustainable flight options visible and easily accessible to every (potential) customer, awareness and demand for such environmentally friendly options can be boosted.

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