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Operating your own aircraft can be time consuming, and may not be the most cost-effective choice for private jet management. Instead of dealing with maintenance tracking, resource management and air carrier risk, focus on what you love doing and let AirGO manage your aircraft.

We take care of it as if it were our own! AirGO is the only mono fleet operator in Europe that operates Piaggio Avanti of different owners in a pool and charters these aircraft to third parties upon request. We now also offer management of the Embraer Praetor 600.

Find out more about different types of operation: Commercial Operation (AOC) with third-party income or Corporate Operation (NCC) for owners use only.

Safety Policy – General Requirements

AirGO holds an Aircraft Operator Certificate (AOC no. DE-102). Therefore, we are audited every year for each part of the company:

  • Flight Operations / Maintenance / Commercial
  • It is mandatory to have a Safety Management System, as well as Quality & Compliance Management to proof best practice private jet management
  • Pilots must have completed classroom training about operational issues including: Safety, Security, Crew Resource Management, and First Aid,as well as two check flights per year per pilot.
  • The NAA performs a business assessment checking the company’s commercial situation allowing them to maintain and operate the aircraft.

Safety Policy – AirGO Procedures and Philosophy

AirGO has a Company Resource Management.

In addition to the EASA requirements, AirGO arranges Safety, Security and CRM training not only for pilots, but also with the whole company together: pilots, sales, operations, CAMO staff and management.

The AirGO founders are not only managers -they are also pilots. Therefore, they have a very good understanding and integration of all needs of operation. Also, the second generation of management personnel has a background as pilots and some of them are sharing their duties between office and cockpit.

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