AOC Operation with third party charter

Commercial Aircraft Management

The Benefits of Commercial Private Jet Management

Cost Savings

Transferring your aircraft to a commercial private jet operation (AOC) reduces operating costs:

  • AirGO commercial fuel contracts save significantly on cost on fuel.
  • Enjoy enhanced insurance coverage and lower fleet insurance rates.
  • Benefit from AirGO fleet maintenance contracts and parts availability to lower maintenance expenses.
  • We organise your flights as well as third party charter, for which you will receive a charter rate from which you only need to deduct reserves for maintenance.
  • All maintenance costs, landing fees, parking fees are exempt from value-added tax in all of Europe.

Tax Advantages

By entering into a management agreement with a holding company for commercial private jet operation, expenses for tax delineations regarding the use of a corporate aircraft for private and business purposes are dispensed with.


Reliable Availability

AirGO guarantees that a crew will be available for your aircraft. Substitute crews will be available in case of time off or illness. AirGO offers you unlimited use of the whole AirGO fleet, even when your own aircraft is currently under maintenance or in use. We organise your flights and take care of your smooth journey – just call and fly


Less Effort

When we manage your aircraft, AirGO CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation) is fully responsible for maintenance tracking and supervision.

  • We plan and monitor maintenance and repairs with regard to quality as well as necessity and cost.
  • We schedule and supervise crews.
  • We continually train pilots.

Peace of Mind

When you operate your aircraft commercially under AOC (air operator’s certificate), you transfer your air carrier responsibility to AirGO, which will therefore carry the air carrier risk.

Any insurance claims would equal those of a third-party client, and you are fully covered by passenger insurance benefits. AirGO supervises its pilots and office staff professionally: they operate according to our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), are trained on a regular basis, and can rely on the expert knowledge and support of an experienced pool of pilots.

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