From Charter to Ownership. When You Know the Time is Right

Flying more than 200 hours a year and desire consistency and exclusivity? Then it’s time to own your own business jet.

In the world of private aviation, you have two choices: chartering a flight whenever you need one or stepping onto your own jet every time you want to travel. If you only fly private a few times a year (the business aviation industry generally bookends this between 150 to 200 flight hours per year), then you are best to charter. If, however, you find yourself onboard a private jet more frequently, owning your own aircraft is the suitable choice.

Owning an aircraft means you have priority and unlimited access to fly whenever you want or need to. You choose the aircraft type, equipment and interior which fits your style and requirements. You know the crew and you can trust in the operator’s philosophy and procedures – because you know the people personally.

While chartering can be a smart first step to business travel as the operating costs (crew salaries, catering, maintenance, insurance and hangarage) are built into the flight cost, owning gives you consistency and a level of control that is unmatched in the private aviation world. Owners have the freedom to alter or extend a trip at the last minute without seeking a charter company’s accommodations. Ownership also provides autonomy over the aircraft maintenance and crew, ensuring everything meets your level of specifications.

Stepping into Aircraft Ownership
Choosing the right operator is paramount for you to have a successful transaction experience. It will be the operator who will maintain and take care of your aircraft once you take ownership. It is the operator with whom you will have the longest-lasting relationship when it comes to your new aircraft. It should be built on trust.

With AirGO our relationship starts the moment you want to get into jet ownership. It is a long-term partnership that extends through the lifetime of your aircraft while it is in your possession. Our management service organizes and helps you from selecting the right equipment for your aircraft, through the purchasing phase, to the production, delivery, and enrolment into our management service. We provide you an experienced crew on a per day rate without a fixed annual salary commitment. Our CAMO professionals will take care and responsibility of all maintenance planning and aircraft supervision. We also have suppliers at your disposal to customize your aircraft down to the final detail. They can work with you directly or with your advisers who know your personal preferences the best. It’s as simple as that.

The Avanti EVO Difference
There isn’t another aircraft design on the market that combines so many advantages into one piece of equipment. We at AirGO are the experts when it comes to the Avanti and its next-generation EVO jet.

The Avanti EVO’s speed is similar to that of a light category jet, such as Embraer’s Phenom or Honda’s Hondajet, but uses only 60% of fuel consumption compared to its counterparts in that category. And it is the only aircraft in the cost category of a light jet with a mid-size, stand-up cabin. The cabin is silent; its new propeller meets current noise restrictions; the aerodynamic characteristics provide a smooth flight in turbulent conditions; no risk of stalling due to the small nose wings, or FOD on the engines turned around by 180 degrees. This combination of characteristics indeed makes the Avanti EVO quite unique.

Great Things do Come in Small Packages
The Avanti EVO’s distinctive characteristics not only rest in its comfort, but also in its operational reliability:

**The cabin offers the size of a mid-size jet (1.75m of stand-up room, by 1.85m width);

**The carbon brakes system and Anti-Skid makes short runway landings accessible;

**The Proline 21 avionics include a moving map, paperless cockpit (electronic navigational charts and back-up), ground proximity warning system, TCAS I or II, ADSB-Out and LPV for a safe flight.

**The stylish cabin interior provides a lot of storage, comfortable seats and a fully enclosed lavatory section with daylight and wardrobe.

Connect with a Trusted Partner
Deciding when to buy a private jet does not have to be a complex endeavor. Consult with a trusted partner like AirGO, who will provide you with expert guidance on all aspects of aircraft ownership, helping you through the entire purchasing and maintenance process.

Contact us today if you wish to get more information on how AirGO can become your partner/operator to owning your own aircraft.

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