Nomination of AirGO CEO Daniela Flierl by CJI as Power Player in Sustainable Business Aviation

Corporate Jet Investor identified 20 people as Sustainability Power Players in 2022. An independent judging panel chose 20 stakeholders across the industry that are playing a key role in leading sustainable business aviation.

AirGO’s CEO Daniela Flierl was among the selected individuals. We thank Corporate Jet Investor for the recognition, the nomination and the award.

For 20 years AirGO is operating the most fuel-efficient and therefore environmentally friendly aircraft in class – the Piaggio Avanti. Choosing a floating mono fleet business model at AirGO we are constantly optimizing our schedule, and therefore cutting CO2 emissions on an operational level.

In addition to that, AirGO CEO Danila Flierl was committed to further reducing the CO2 emissions of our flights. As a result in Mach 2020 we launched our book&claim offset program in cooperation with Compensaid, a company of the Lufthansa group.

Thereby, AirGO was the first business aviation company to offer emission compensation opting for Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) on any of our flights. While the purchase of SAF results in a higher price compared to other offsetting methods available, it bears the enormous advantage of compensation with an immediate effect. The program gives our customers full flexibility and control about how they want to compensate for the CO2emission of their flights. Not only do we make it possible to fly with an instantly neutral CO2 footprint, but also the expansion of the technology and accessibility of SAF is promoted.


Apart from our flight operations, we are also incorporating sustainability in other areas of our business activity. AirGO is reducing cabin waste by refraining from products packaged in plastic. We choose to source the catering from local providers using regional products and having it prepared and served on porcelain.

Find out more about sustainability at AirGO or offset your flight.


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