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AirGO, founded in 1998, is a boutique airline specialised in the sales, management and charter of mono fleets. This has the advantage of concentrating knowledge and experience on the most stylish, efficient and sustainable aircrafts in each class: the Piaggio Avanti EVO and the Embraer Praetor 600.

For more than 20 years, AirGO’s convivial team has demonstrated unique operational experience, and has provided its customers with truly tailor-made boutique airline experience that is unmatched in the industry – from purchase through operations to charter. In 1999, AirGO was the first German private airline to be certified under the new European regulations.

Why Choose AirGO?

Unique Mono Fleet Concept

AirGO is the largest Management Company for private and corporate owned Avanti aircraft in Europe, and now also offers management of the Embraer Praetor 600.
The Piaggio Aero Avanti EVO is a unique aircraft offering the same cabin space and speed as a light jet with the fuel efficiency of a turboprop.

The Embraer Praetor 600 is the only Super Midsize Jet able to fly about 4000 nm non-stop due to low fuel consumption and fine-tuned aerodynamics with state-of-the-art airliner equipment. Enjoy lower cost for a lot more range.

Care For Our Environment

AirGO is deeply committed to sustainability. We are dedicated to reducing the use of plastic, and we are the first business aviation operator offering the compensation of the amount of fossil fuel used for the flight with non-fossil Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

Commitment to Personal Service

AirGO’s international team prides itself on its love for aviation and hospitality. Our team speaks over 15 languages, and as a rule strives to exceed your expectations. We offer fully customised boutique airline experience that covers the full process of purchasing an aircraft, including equipment specifications, acceptance and flight checks, crew assessment, aircraft management, aircraft operation, maintenance organisation and charter sales.

To provide a truly personal service, our team strives to build long lasting relationships, and is always on hand to answer any questions you may have about leasing an aircraft, choosing the right aircraft for your unique needs, and knowing when to charter vs. when to buy.

Fly with AirGO to enjoy top on-board service and excellent catering. We serve breakfast, lunch and dinner on fine china. Each meal and refreshment is freshly prepared and selected with the help of master chefs and sourced from outstanding delicatessen shops and restaurants.

The Team

Albrecht & Daniela Flierl, Owners and Founders of AirGO

The husband and wife team behind AirGO has decades of experience in management and private aviation under their belt, as well as being pilots themselves. They believe that we should work to live, not just live to work. That idea stood at the forefront of their decision to share their “savoir vivre” and help people buy a little bit of precious time and freedom.

Daniela and Albrecht will help you turn the idea of private flight into a real boutique airline experience. They are particularly proud of the fact that many business partners have become close friends – proof of mutual trust and commitment.

Daniel Trost
Safety, Compliance and Quality Manager

Daniel has managed the operations and development of AirGO since 2017. In addition, he is responsible for Compliance, Quality and Safety Management.

Before joining AirGO, Daniel gained experience in business aviation by overseeing operational improvement processes in the quality departments of other operators. Daniel holds a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Business, and obtained a commercial pilot licence. His enthusiasm for aviation also makes him a passionate instructor.

Carolin Seiter-Loheit
Director Flight Coordination

Carolin has worked in operations and sales at AirGO since 2008. Since 2009, she has been the Director Flight Management responsible for securing the smooth preparation and management of flights – from taking care of customer requests, quotes and passenger satisfaction.

Carolin completed a professional training in air traffic management („Luftverkehrskauffrau“) at Fraport, where she was subsequently employed as Project Manager for the development of terminal services.

Ivan Krytskyi
Operations and CAMO Manager

Ivan started with AirGO in 2016. Initially, he assisted in the daily operations, and is now an invaluable asset  in the daily operations and management of our aircraft. He applies his enthusiasm for aviation and his reliability tirelessly to support his colleagues and our customers.

Ivan was appointed CAMO Manager at the end of 2019. Ivan is from Ukraine where he gained longstanding experience in airport and airline operations.

Tyler Look
Controlling and Customer Care

Tyler joined AirGO in 2017 and is responsible for our customer care and company controlling. Tyler demonstrates great attention to detail and strong organisational skills, crucial qualities for smooth processing and a personal approach to customer care.

Tyler is from the United States where he studied aviation and logistics. With his focus on controlling and his private pilot license, he has the perfect foundation for taking care of our aircraft owners, and has proven to be an effective support for our charter sales team.


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