Introducing the AirGO Carbon Offset Program

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Introducing the AirGO Carbon Offset Program

Introducing our offset program powered by Compensaid, we are the first business aviation company to offer their customers emission compensation by purchasing Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

Today, more than ever, climate change is a particularly central subject. Worldwide, the aviation industry accounts for 2,4% of all human-induced carbon dioxide emissions. Business aviation operations contribute 0,04% to all man-made emissions.

While on a global scale these numbers seem to be comparatively low, we are aware of the impact business aviation has on the environment and the industry’s contribution to CO2 emissions.

We fully support the target of the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) to achieve carbon-neutral growth by the end of 2020 and a 50% reduction in total CO2 emissions by 2050. 

Going further, we are taking immediate action and take responsibility for our contribution to climate change. 

Our mission at AirGO is to realize the compatibility of the advantages of private flying without a negative effect on our environment. This is why we embed sustainability in all areas of our company’s production chain. 

Sustainability as a Core Corporate Value 

Almost 20 years ago we were the first European airline to operate the Piaggio Avanti. Up until today, the aircraft has proven to be the most efficient in its class. Thanks to the P180’s unique aerodynamic design the aircraft consumes significantly less fuel than jets of the same size.

Furthermore, choosing the floating fleet model and constantly optimizing our schedule, we can reduce empty ferry flights and therefore cut CO2 emissions. AirGO introduced the floating schedule by reducing empty legs already 17 years ago when most operators were still working from and returning to fix home bases. Also, we offer non-stop flights for a variety of city pairs across Europe and North Africa. Direct operations from origin to destination omit additional flight time, landings and take-offs as well as ground transportation. 

Apart from our flight operations, we are incorporating sustainability in other areas of our business activity. 
In 2019 we accelerated reducing cabin waste by refraining from products packaged in plastic. We chose to have the catering prepared by restaurants directly on dishware that the crew serves to the passenger. For any packaging that cannot be eliminated completely, we prefer alternatives such as glass, recycled or compostable materials. 

When possible, we obtain our catering from local restaurants that we choose carefully. Regional products have a lower CO2 footprint and we get the chance to support and empower small independent businesses. 

We are happy to make this big step towards more sustainable operations – a constant reduction in CO2 emissions – and we continuously strive for improvement. However, currently we cannot achieve a zero-carbon balance on our own. 

This is why we are introducing our carbon offset program, allowing our customers to compensate for the CO2 emissions that cannot be eliminated.

Our Partnership with Compensaid 

We chose to now work with Compensaid, the new sustainability platform built by the Lufthansa Innovation Hub. Already the main carbon offset solution of the Lufthansa Group, Compensaid is one of the leading providers with a transparent and comprehensive product. 

Introducing our offset program powered by Compensaid, we are the first business aviation company to offer their customers emission compensation by purchasing Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). Compensaid uses SAF that recycles different kinds of waste. While the purchase of SAF results in a higher price compared to conventional offsetting methods, it bears the advantage of compensation with an immediate effect. 

The program gives our customers full flexibility about how they want to compensate for the CO2 emission of their flights. 

Apart from the option to invest in SAF, Compensaid offers to make up for the CO2 emissions through reforestation. In partnership with Swiss climate organization myClimate, the contribution will be invested in a project in Nicaragua directly helping to reforest the region. Reforestation is a good choice as it also helps conserve wetlands and preserve biodiversity. Reforestation, however, is not as immediate as SAF, but rather allows for long-term compensation over a period of 20 years.

We want to give our customers full control to support a compensation method they personally believe in, to choose at what price and how fast to offset their carbon emissions.

This is why we offer to purchase SAF, support reforestation projects, or a combination of both. Compensaid forwards 100% of the traveler’s contribution to the respective cause and covers all payment and logistic fees separately.

Why AirGO promotes SAF

In May 2019 AirGO participated in the “Fueling for Future” event in Farnborough introducing SAF to the stakeholders of European business aviation. In the course of this event, AirGO was among the first European operators to fuel their aircraft with Sustainable Alternative Jet Fuel (SAJF).

Unlike conventional petroleum-based fuel drawn from the earth, SAF is extracted from resources which during their previous useful life captured CO2. Through thermochemical, biochemical and catalytic production processes feedstocks such as cooking oil, trash, waste gases, agricultural residues are transformed into fuel. The result is a reduction in net life-cycle Carbon-dioxide emissions.

Furthermore, compared to other biofuels, the SAF purchased through Compensaid is produced solely from different preexisting waste materials rather than purpose-grown biomass. Thereby, the expansion of existing and creation of new monoculture for the fuel production is avoided. 

SAF is available today, but the accessibility is very limited. Also, the price is significantly higher than the price of fossil fuel. 

This is mainly due to the lack of commercial-scale investment and infrastructures. Due to currently low economies of scale, production costs are high. Once SAF becomes commercialized eventually, it would be able to compete with conventional fuel. It is Compensaid’s overarching goal to increase SAF supply and demand to a point where it is available to the entire aviation industry at a more affordable rate.

In partnership with Lufthansa’s fuel management and sustainability department, Compensaid offers carbon offsets through SAF at the price difference of SAF to conventional jet fuel.

Thanks to that innovative initiative established by Compensaid and the rather expensive unit price for fossil fuel for the business aviation, the additional cost of SAF on an AirGO jet charter shrink to an affordable price although, today, the cost still exceeds the private airline’s operational margin.

While reforestation is a much cheaper way of contribution but effective only on a long-term, we believe that in particular the business jet traveler has the power and resources to become the role model of a responsible traveler and to accelerate the immediate reduction of CO2 that SAF offers. 

Our partnership gives AirGO customers access to sustainable alternative fuel. When compensating with AirGO for every liter of fuel consumed on the private flight, the equal amount of SAF will be fueled into a Lufthansa aircraft. One of the fueling point will be at Frankfurt Airport. This is the first cooperation of its kind allowing private jet customers to consciously choose Sustainable Aviation Fuel. 

Especially as a business jet operator, we take responsibility to contribute to sustainable traveling. As a matter of fact, we are conscious of the threat of climate change and building a future worth living on all levels. It is our mission to optimize all of our business activities on all levels to be environmentally responsible and to act humane. 

We do our part to reduce CO2 emissions to a minimum. At the same time, we are providing our customers the possibility to consciously choose the option of offsetting in order to reach a zero-carbon balance. 

While we use SAF today we also know that investing in SAF will support the continuous research on improving the production of SAF like a direct extraction of carbon from the air.

We are proudly launching our partnership with Compensaid to make a unique, innovative and transparent platform for compensation accessible to the business jet traveler. 

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