Why Buying an Avanti EVO Makes Sense

AirGO Evo

This next-generation Avanti aircraft has greater range, faster climb, reduced fuel costs, a lower noise footprint, added safety systems and a more luxurious and technologically-advanced cabin.

The Avanti EVO is a very fuel efficient and eco-friendly aircraft. The noise level is significantly reduced, meeting noise abatement parametersat every airport. The Avanti EVO is a versatile aircraft, meeting many operational requirements: landing on short runways while providing speeds of a jet during cruise as well as in the traffic flow at congested international airports. It is suitable – due to its speed and comfort – for longer flights as well as being fuel efficient on short legs.

The design of the Avanti EVO is a real eye catcher. A cool, modern design with the roomiest cabin in its price class, and the most comfortable club chairs. Its fuselage has a unique, elegant shape resembling a dolphin – producing extremely low drag for a smoother flight. 

The PT6 engine is one of the most reliable engines in operation today. By turning the engine 180 degrees, the air intake and ducts are FOD safe. The forward lifting wings avoid stalls; the three-lifting-surface produces low drag and the wings have very low ice formation in inclement weather.

The Avanti EVO perfectly combines speed, performance, comfort, low fuel cost, short runways and steep approach capabilities.

Innovative Technology
Made of an aluminium construction, the fuselage is curved creating a low drag drop shape (ideal for good aerodynamics). The three-lifting-surfaces is unique: instead of the standard aircraft design of one wing as lifting surface and one tail producing downdraft on the elevator, the Avanti EVO flies on three wings. The Avanti EVO has CAT II capability as well as LPV, paperless cockpit and anti-skid technologies.

The Avanti EVO is the only turboprop with jet characteristics flying at 41,000 feet. It produces no vibrations – therefore creating a smooth flight. The aircraft also has easy power set handling, executes nice agility, easy handling on the ground due to its hydraulic steering and short landing characteristics due to efficient carbon brakes. There is also no propeller or engine cowlings obstructing cabin views.

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