Increase your Avanti Engine TBO to 4100 Hours by Enrolling with AirGO Management

Piaggio Aircraft

As of 5 September 2018, we are proud to announce that AirGO Private Airline received approval by Pratt & Whitney Canada for an increase in TBO interval from 3,600 hours to 4,100 hours or 12 years (whichever occurs first) for the engines on the Avanti II and Avanti EVO aircrafts operated under AirGO management.

The approval is valid for all aircraft currently operated under AirGO management as well as all new EVO orders, all recently overhauled engines enrolled under AirGO management and Avanti aircrafts which will be operated by AirGO more than 50% of their engine time until overhaul. This has increased their lifetime by 14%, which dramatically lowers maintenance costs for its owners.

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