AirGO Private Jets –A safe, secure and reliable way to travel in times of the virus

The global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic marked a turning point affecting our personal life, professional life and economics. The rapidly evolving situation forced extreme measures to contain the new virus. Governments mandated to practice social distancing, home quarantine and released travel bans. It is commendable that almost all people and communities adhere to these instructions and a big step towards limiting the spread to the Corona virus.

However, what to do if there are still important and inevitable reasons to travel? Now, more than ever, it is important that enterprises providing fundamental services,infrastructure and healthcare can continue to operate. Unfortunately, not all business activities can be limited to home office and video conferences. Sometimes this is requiring their executives to travel.

Those who need to travel or have to make travel arrangements presently are confronted with a lot of uncertainty. Most commercial airlines drastically cut their flight schedules or temporarily ceased operation. Also, flight schedules are subject to constant change.

This is partially due to the decline in travel demand, but also due to travel bans and flight and passenger restrictions by states.Moreover, when travelling commercially it is almost impossible to mind social distancing. Due to the variety of human touchpoints, the fear and the risk that the virus might be transmitted is constantly present.

Many of these obstacles can be avoided by choosing business aviation. Especially now, it is an efficient, safe and reliable way to travel, and sometimes the only option available.

Private jets operate on demand and are not bound to a flight schedule. The client can choose the required travel date and time and flies directly from origin to destination. Connections at airports or having to overnight at the destination can be avoided.Also, human touchpoints are reduced to a minimum. Business jet passengers use private terminals (FBOs) with fewer visitors and spend less time at theairport. Also, the client(s) have the entire aircraft to themselves and do not share the cabin with anyone else, except their companions and crew.

The fact that it is an individual service even gives us the flexibility to enter countries with travel restrictions. What commercial airlines cannot do, is to justify the reason of travel for every single passenger and check supporting documentation.For a customer entering a country on a private jet, we can collect and process documents that could grant a flight even into a lock-down area. Especially when nationals or residents are repatriating.Above all that, for AirGO health and safety of our passengers and crew is of highest priority. Therefore, we take preventive measures to fully protect our staff and clients as far as possible.

The cabin of all our aircraft is cleaned and disinfected before every passenger flight. Heath information and disinfecting equipment are accessible to our customers when they are travelling with us.Also, all of our flight crew and office staff members received a briefing concerning special measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19.While normally the crew is interacting with the passengers to make them feel welcome and create a personal experience, currently we minimize interaction between the crew and the passengers.

Thanks to the spacious cabin of our aircraft, the Piaggio Avanti, it is possible to keep the recommended distance even while being on board.Furthermore, we meet all regulations and recommendations published by national and international health and safety authorities. We are implementing any new recommendations in the fastest way possible.

We are dedicated to help passengers to get home, fly to their families, to medical treatments or to conduct crucial diplomatic or business activities while staying safe and secure.Restart of business and support of economic reconciliation.

Business Aviation was always an important part of economic growth and will be an even more important support to business leaders to manage their travel needs in the after-lockdown scenario. While scheduled airlines will need certain time to reactivate the flight network, our private jets are available immediately to perform point-to-point travel.

As the virus will not disappear completely, we’ll face most probably enhanced hygiene measures for a longer period which are met by business aviation based on the privacy of private jets and private terminals. In a world coping with a pandemic the private jet will give the security to companies as well as families to be able to travel responsible and safe. While private jet flights will increase again, there will bealso an increasing amount of empty leg (positioning flights without passengers) which AirGO will provide cost free to humanitarian workers, transport of medical equipment and medical workers as well as for any other crucial help to fight against the spread of the virus or to help the most vulnerable people. Therefore, using an AirGO private jet, will also be part of a contribution to the society.About AirGO Private AirlineWe are a boutique airline offering on-demand flights all across Europe.

AirGO entered the private charter market almost 20 years ago and we were the first ones to operate the Piaggio Avanti aircraft. Today we have a mono fleet of multiple of these aircraft. The Piaggio Avanti has a unique design both in interior and exterior. Its Italian design emerges in the sleek and stylish cabin layout. The distinct aerodynamic design of the fuselage contributes to the efficiency of the aircraft. The private plane consumes only around two-thirds of the fuel that other jets of the same size consume. This makes the Piaggio Avanti and an efficient and especially environmentally friendly private jet.

At AirGO sustainability is a central value that we embrace in multiple areas of our business. Apart from our efficient aircraft, we are incorporating sustainability in our entire operation intending to reduce our CO2 emissions.

This is why we were the first ones in business aviation to introduce our carbon offset program, allowing our customers to compensate for the CO2 emissions by choosing sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

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