Continuing Airworthiness Management

Aircraft management

One of the major responsibilities of an operator is to look after their aircraft’s technical condition.

Key factors to guarantee the highest possible level of safety for our clients and crew include a well-trained staff and a well-organized maintenance management.

AirGO still holds a German Air Operators Certificate approved by the German government and maintains all its aircraft in a German-based maintenance facility.

We have been operating Piaggio Avanti aircraft for the last 17 years. This expertise ensures that we know how to best maintain this aircraft, and our service speaks for itself: we proudly have maintained safe operations without any incidents!  

Knowing our Ladies as well as we do gives us the best chance to anticipate upcoming maintenance issues, perform corrective actions and adjust our continuous airworthiness management accordingly. We not only maintain but anticipate future issues when AirGO manages your Avanti. We combine maintenance events and replace parts before they reach the end of their calculated live. This reduces stand down times drastically and leads to a more economical operation.

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