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There are times when we just deserve an opportunity to disconnect from our daily routine. The best way to accomplish this – set your travel sights for the Seychelles. It is a destination spot that offers breathtaking beaches, natural wonders – including two UNESCO world heritage sites – and a unique blend of cultures and food that fuse French, British, African, Indian, Chinese, and Creole influences. Not only do the Seychelles enable you to temporarily cut ties with the rest of the world, what this island nation offers in luxury is second to none. We selected the most sustainable, individual and natural styled luxury islands for you.

Laid-back luxury starts immediately upon arriving at Mahé Airport. It doesn’t matter if you arrive on a first-class commercial flight or via a private jet – the airport provides outstanding VIP services that cater to the most discerning traveler. Stepping off the aircraft you’ll be escorted to the Air Seychelles’ VIP Lounge just several meters away from your aircraft. From there you hop on your helicopter and up and away to paradise.

Landing on Felicité Island you’ll arrive at Six Senses Zil Pasyon private Island resort. Villas (51 facing west and 18 facing east) give way to ultimate privacy and spectacular views. the beautifully-designed villas are constructed intentionally with the natural surroundings in mind. Six Senses Zil Pasyon goes the extra mile with its amazing service and its very cordial approach to its guests. Don’t miss the private boat tour around the nearby islands host to some of the most beautiful beaches the Seychelles has to offer, like Anse Georgette, Big Sister, Petite Anse of La Digue and the unforgettable Coco Island natural reserve.

Coco Island is just a kayak ride or two-minute shuttle by boat from the resort. Enjoy the excellent spa treatments and complimentary yoga sessions in a one-of-a-kind setting. If you are a sports enthusiast, you can go for a morning hike to the top of the island’s hill.  A not-to-miss: a sundowner experience on one of the typical Seychelles granite rocks!

The North Island – offering Seychelles’ most ultimate privacy and natural island resort with breathtaking vistas. This is often mentioned as one of the most beautiful resorts in the world. Only 11 villas dot East Beach but you have to look closely to find them as they are nestled in the natural environment. They give way to open spaces, a garden, sundecks, spacious outdoor bath’rooms’ and a small pool – all completely hidden by nature. 

Every villa provides a personal butler, preparing your meals and taking care of all your requests. You can explore the island with your buggy or your bike. Visit West Beach for a swim, snorkel, enjoy a sundowner or a private beach dinner. They say: “Occasionally, it might happen that you’ll see another guest”. Well, it does happen – but not very often. If you feel “alone” stroll along the East Beach to the Piazza Beach Bar – there is the best chance to run into a fellow traveler.

When it’s time to leave, don’t be (too) sorry – The Seychelles will welcome you again!

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