Happy New Year!

Happy Newyear

Wishing everyone a prosperous 2019!

Aviation is about moving people. Moving people in a world getting “smaller”. Migration happens everywhere. Different cultures are living side-by-side – and so, they are also working closer together. Our clients and suppliers come from all around the globe. That’s exiting and sometimes challenging. And it’s exactly what I have always loved about aviation: traveling and connecting with other cultures.

The multi-cultural environment shouldn’t stop at the door of our AirGO offices. From our beginnings, AirGO employs associates from many different countries. Our colleagues grew up in different countries with parents from different nationalities, speaking many languages. Our 24 staff members represent 16 different countries, speaking 14 different languages. This is why we love our team! 

Our multi-cultural family is something that makes us richer, better connected and able to understand each other and our diverse clients.

Thank you to my lovely team at AirGO, and from all of us to all of you, we wish you a prosperous 2019! 


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