Tahaddi Lebanon NGO supports after Beyrouth explosion.

Life has been cruel to the motivated young Lebanese generation. Working hard in a financially strapped country with one of the highest number of refugees and dismissed ethnic groups, it is a promising to see a national NGO working as focused and professional as Tahaddi Lebanon.

Beyrouth is a common business destination for private jets. So, since more than 12 years we follow the ups and downs. But what ever happened, the friendliness and willingness of the Lebanese people is amazing. We are broken-hearted to see that people struck by several crisis in a row… finally this terrible detonation blowing away the means of existence of thousands of people.

In particular, if a whole nation is suffering the most vulnerable are often forgotten. But not by the people committed to Tahaddi. They just continued their work the day after and need urgently support in that catastrophic condition.

Give the poorest families a chance for education and health

We learned about Tahaddi from our valued business partners and friends who visited the NGO in person and we decided to support Tahaddi Lebanon without a second of hesitation. Please support.

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