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Long-term help for better living conditions in West Nepal

Christmas is a time for giving – this is why AirGO supports the Organisation “Back to Life e.V.”.

Nepal is one of the poorest countries worldwide. The conditions are aggravated by regional differences between the mountain areas and the rest of the regions. Especially in west Nepal, the state of the local infrastructure is severe with rural areas lacking electricity, water systems, education and medical aid.

The charitable association Back to Life aims to improve the living conditions of the local population in a long-term sustainable manner.

Back to Life builds schools, birth centers and supports infrastructural and agricultural projects. For construction projects, an emphasis is set on cost efficient and sustainable energy sources and protection against earthquakes.

Furthermore, the locals are educated and empowered to maintain and carry on the projects indicated by the organization. Unlike many other NGOs Back to Life doesn’t lose sight of its projects in the long run. They keep up financing and supporting indicated projects to ensure these leave a long-lasting impact. The founder, Tara Stella Deetjen has spent a significant time of her life in Nepal. She and her team design the projects according to the needs of the population, considering the cultural and socio-economic particularities. Also, for every project, the local communities are incorporated to guarantee their acceptance and participation. Also, all donors or interested parties are welcome to visit the projects in Nepal to gain an impression of the work.

Christmas time is a wonderful opportunity to help others. Therefore, AirGO chooses to financially support Back to Life and wants to draw the attention of our clients and partners to the situation in Nepal and the work of the association.

Find out more or make a donation: https://www.back-to-life.org

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