Safest Private Jet for Charter

Steep decent of Piaggio Avanti

The Piaggio Avanti is extraordinary and the safest private jet for charter due to its aerodynamic design. The 3-lifting-surfaces allow the aircraft to stay stable and continue flying even in the most unusual attitudes and configurations. It recovers completely alone from stalls. The small wings on the nose are designed to stall first and therefore automatically lower the nose of the aircraft, the aircraft speeds up again and recover the stall even if the pilot wouldn’t react. That’s unique and amazing.

Critical manoeuvres doesn’t exist in the same way like on “normal” aircraft designs. An engine failure during a steep climb and turn is not critical. Not even if followed by a loss of speed resulting in a stall. It easily recovers as if two engines would be running.

Also the position of the engines is a safety factor. First of all the propellers don’t disturb the airflow over the wing which makes it easier to handle. But secondly, and very important, the engine has less risk of damage due to foreign object entering into the engine like for example due to a bird strike. There is no risk that a bird could enter the engine and damage blades or the turbine like on a jet engine. After passing the air intake the air follows an S-shaped tube which stops objects going all the way up to the turbine.

The Piaggio Avanti has also fantastic steep approach capability which allow to reduce noise on approaches and land safe into mountain airfields. Look at this impressive video and see how steep the Piaggio Avanti is able to descend.

Of cause, in our normal commercial operation we’ll not perform such extrem manoeuvres. But such safety margins reduce risks to a minimum and are very much appreciated! Find more technical details here.

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