Travelling in serenity – A luxury worth for closer examination

Speed and comfort have always been the essence of travelling. Today the needs for business and leisure travel have changed. Here AirGO Private Airline presents the latest trends for private jet travel.

Private Jet Travel sort out a dilemma

Due to many airlines ceasing direct routes, it became more difficult to travel in particular for short business travels. Additionally, as more stops are needed to complete a journey, the more people you will meet. Also, the risk of missing a flight connection increases, and don’t forget the tremendously increased travel time.

You will need to do a much bigger effort to find the suitable connection, and you’ll arrive at your destination exhausted after a long traveling day. That’s very inconvenient for business as well as for a holiday trip.

Whilst travelling to one of the major airports where you can still find direct long-haul flights in Europe you don’t have the choice of First-Class seating and handling. The advantage of First-Class direct boarding and privacy on board is completely lost on the European legs.

“As a consequence, many people are trying to avoid travelling when after a while they recognise that this isn’t a solution either. Private jet travel sorts out that dilemma, and this is why we can see an increase of demand for private jets” states Daniela Flierl, CEO of AirGO Private Airline.

In business the fine grasp and relationship with staff as well as business partners and clients erode without personal meetings.

In our private life we are simply missing the valuable time with our friends and family and also missing the break from work that we all need to recharge our batteries has a negative influence on our mood, creativity and well-being.

Against this background the private jet represents a reasonable option to travel point-to-point or initially to the departure airport of your long-haul connecting flight with the advantage of a seamless transfer via the VIP-handling.

Private and business aviation spots a special type of passenger today – the conscious traveler

The conscious traveler chooses with care why he travels, where he travels and how he travels.
It is the person who might travel less to spend money more focused whilst in the past he would travel more spending the same budget.

When looking into private jet travel in the past many people thought that it wouldn’t be worth the money and also unacceptable regarding its environmental impact. While the value for money is a very personal subject the impact on CO2 footprint can be disproved very quickly by some facts.

Today, there is sustainable aviation fuel available. For an extra cost of about 330 € an hour you can fly with up to 6 people on an AirGO Avanti fleet aircraft with such CO2 neutral jet fuel. The sustainable aviation fuel is produced today mainly out of waste today and it can be bought when flying with AirGO Private Airline. Your CO2 footprint can be zero as of today when flying private. Alternatively, you can also choose a mid- or long-term offset of your travel at much lower cost as cheap as 10 €. Private flying does not necessarily have a bad impact on your CO2 footprint. It’s your choice.

The value for money of a private jet draws a more differentiated picture.

For some users it is important just because it is the only possibility at the time being to continue their business(es) successfully. Others use private jets for their health safety and yet others to simplify their daily life and travel the most comfortable and flexible way – or all of those reasons together.

Private Jet Travellers should pay regard to some important details

First of all, it is important to choose a serious and professional private jet operator.
What sounds like a black box, it is very easy to identify. Before asking a quote or at least booking a flight, please ask the operator for its AOC certificate. AOC stands for Aircraft Operator Certificate and is only provided to an aircraft operator by his national civil aviation authority. An operator holding an AOC undergoes regularly quality audits by the national civil aviation authority regarding its safe operation and the application of the European regulations issued by EASA (the European Aviation Safety Agency). Basically, the same regulations apply like for scheduled airlines.

You should understand the difference between a private jet broker and a private jet operator. 
While the broker is an agent who will search the market for different operators and types of aircraft located close to your requested flight itinerary the aircraft operator is the private airline conducting the flight. The operator is legally responsible for the flight operation and also the key to the desired services. If you book with a broker, you will be in contact with one middleman who choose the operator(s). If you book with an operator you choose the airlines yourself and you will have the direct contact to the sales and operations team of the operator.

In business aviation exist smaller and larger private airlines. Chosing your preferred size of operator it is a bit like choosing between a 5 Star Grand Hotel or a 5 Star Boutique Hotel. If you are looking for a personal style and the ability to adapt to your special wishes and personality its rather the boutique airline. If what you need is different types of aircrafts, then it’s rather the large operator or the broker.

Choose the private jet which fits you

There exists a good analogy by how you choose a car. All sizes and brands can bring you from A to B. But which one is the one you feel comfortable? Which one is the most stylish? The most modern concept? The most sustainable? The coolest? Or best value for money and efficiency? Certainly, the available number of seats must fit the size of the travelling party. The most comfort will be provided if you choose a stand-up cabin which provides approximately double the number of seats as people travelling. Then you can move around in the cabin and you will have the right feeling of space and lots of luggage tolerance.

For direct flights in Europe the AirGO Piaggio Avanti fleet is a perfect match. Aircrafts are based all over Europe, with focus on London, South France and Paris. The cabin is roomy like a midsize jet but the cost efficiency like a light jet. With up to 6 passengers, you can reach destinations non-stop, you fly same levels as airliners avoiding bad weather and you also will fly at jet speeds, which will bring you often faster to your destination compared to a scheduled flight. The cherry on the cake, you can go to much smaller airports and often closer to your final destination.

Private Jet Charter or Privat Jet Ownership

If you are not a frequent flyer or you nether used a private jet before you should go for charter. You’ll quickly learn how much easier your journey will be. As soon as you fall in love with the private jet flying and being a frequent flyer, you might start thinking about how it could be to own your private jet.

Again, the analogy with your car is obvious. Would you hire a limousine several days a week or rather buy a car and employ a driver? Do you prefer to sit in your own car that you handpicked according your taste? What is the more flexible way to move? What is the most efficient option? These are basically the same questions you should ask yourself regarding the ownership of an aircraft, too.

Of course, the ownership of your private jet involves a much higher investment and for the operation of an aircraft you will need professional support. There is a reasonable option to charter your aircraft to third-party and to lower ownership cost significantly. Often the operational cost of your own flight hours is entirely covered by the third-party income. On the other hand, not everybody wants to have other people travelling on his private jet and therefore accept a higher cost.

It’s only you who can answer the questions about your personal preferences. But it is AirGO who can support you with the numbers and strategic options.

AirGO Private Airline guides you to find the most suitable way of private jet flying  

AirGO is the only company dedicated to the sales, management and charter of mono fleets with the advantage of concentrating knowledge and experience on the most stylish, efficient and sustainable aircrafts in each class.

An enjoyable team that loves aviation and hospitality is important to AirGO. The team offers tailor-made experiences covering the full range from private jet charter to commercial management or private operation of your private jet. The AirGO professionals support the entire process of purchasing an aircraft, including equipment specifications, acceptance and flight checks, crew assessment, aircraft management, aircraft operation, maintenance organisation and charter sales.

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