Virus safe cabin interior. A reason to think about a new private jet purchase.

Business Aviation shows its resiliance once again. The incorporation of new health and safety technologies is of paramount importance. Therefore, Embraer answers to the increased demand of virus safe private jet in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the enhancements, the Praetor 600 and Praetor 500 combine the cleanest cabin environment with compliance to the most stringent operational requirements.

With the purchase of a new Praetor the cabin comes with three new features.

First of all a HEPA air filter system is a standard. As new-generation aircraft, the Praetor 500 and Praetor 600 were designed with the latest technologies, including the ability to move 100% fresh air through the cabin. Now standard, the HEPA filter further improves cabin air quality, capturing 99.97% of all particles, such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Secondly, an electric lavatory pocket door further enhance the atmosphere of safety and cleanliness in the cabin. Embraer has developed the only electric lavatory pocket door in the midsize and super-midsize categories. This new optional feature, which allows the passenger the comfort of opening the lavatory door by just pressing a button, is now available for delivery in both new Praetor jets and is retrofittable on both Praetor and Legacy 450/500 models (starting in the fourth quarter of 2020).

Finally, Embraer has tested and approved the use of MicroShield360 ― a preventative coating system that, when applied to aircraft interiors, continuously inhibits the growth of microbes on surfaces.

Such equipmenmt and the fact of travelling only with a limited and known group of people makes travelling so save that even the most vulnerable family members don’t need to be worried about travel. We at AirGO are always looking for private jets and engineering which makes a difference. If it comes to virus safe private jet the Praetors step out of the crowd.

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