AirGO Food Guide Part 2

When it comes to travelling, food plays a big role. Regardless if you are travelling for business, seeking recreation at the beach or if you want to explore a city, the restaurants you visit will have a part in making the trip remarkable.

We created the AirGO food guide for you with carefully selected eateries across Europe that inspires also AirGO catering.Find dining options unique to the destination with appetizing local and high-quality dishes created by award-winning chefs or insider tips for true good food and experience the charming ambience of the location.


Le Comptoir

France, Paris, 9 Carrfour de l’Odéon

Le Comptoir is the restaurant along the Art Deco Hotel le Relais St Germain. The Michelin Star restaurant is run by the famous chef Yves Camdeborde. The dishes are prepared with the highest quality of ingredients and the central part of Yves Camdeborde’s philosophy is the ensemble of textures and the variety of seasonings. The restaurant is small and therefore lively and frequently booked out.

Mr. T

France, Paris, 38 Rue de Saintonge

This is a hip mini restaurant with an open show kitchen in the Parisian quarter Upper Marais. Mr. T is a Franco-Japanese restaurant – European ingredients cooked in Asian style. Dining here is an all-around experience. The dishes are always surprising, full of appealing aromas and presented artistically. You can’t go wrong with ordering grilled fish or a steak as main.

The ambience of the restaurant is also exceptional: the background music and combination of dark colors and gold for the interior create a surprisingly young atmosphere.


Spain Illes Balears, Formentera, Camino de Can Toni Blai

The location of this beach club restaurant is so breathtaking, you simply don’t want to leave. The food is a fresh mixture of traditional Mediterranean cuisine with Asian influences. Particularly the setting directly at one of Europe’s most beautiful beaches, the breeze of the sea and the music make 10.7 a special secret find. Arrive during sunset and enjoy a drink with an unforgettable view on the roof terrace.


Portugal, Algarve, Porches, R. Anneliese Pohl

The fine Michelin **Star restaurant is the flagship of the 5-star resort Vila Vita Parc located in the Algarve region serving a modern interpretation of classic Portuguese cuisine with ingredients that are local, fresh and directly from the sea. Seafood is the restaurant’s speciality, but the vegetarian options are exquisite as well. The restaurant manager and sommelier can recommend a wine from the over more than 24,000 bottles collection to be paired with your menu choice.

Ocean simply embodies elegance from the premium food to seamless service and unique views on the Atlantic Ocean from the dining room.


UK, London, Soho and City

Is a Michelin Star restaurant at two locations in the London city center serving fine Chinese cuisine. The restaurants have an elevated modern interior with dimmed lights and big aquariums with colorful fishes.

The menu offers a large variety of different dim sum, traditionally small Chinese dishes, with a contemporary twist. But also, other main dishes created with high-quality ingredients like caviar, lobster or truffles can be found. When dining in a group ordering, sharing and trying a few different dim sums can be recommended. Along with the food, go for one of their signature cocktails or a traditional tea and don’t forget to leave some room for dessert. Yauatcha’s in house patisserie will perfectly round up the meal!

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