Is AirGO right for you?

We strive for quality, not grandeur. We are not a large team, but we look for great talent. Working at AirGO means working independently with full responsibility in your field. We encourage constructive feedback that drives us forward as a team and works toward solutions. We expect our staff to be able to give and receive feedback and propose solutions when issues arise, so that the company can continue moving forward.

We expect everyone at AirGO to learn from mistakes, accept feedback, and adapt so as to do better in the future and avoid making the same mistake again. Economic thinking and cost consciousness are crucial for all AirGO employees. We invest into exceptional service for our customers, and aim to share profits with the entire team. We like our staff to be strategic thinkers who are adaptable to the fast-changing environment of private aviation. It’s important to have a good sense of humour – it will help you heed challenges and enjoy your role within the AirGO team.

Open Positions

First Officer

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Sales & Operations Student Assistant

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How to apply?

If you believe you can be an asset to our team and are up for the challenge, apply now to become part of the AirGO team. Submit your application to:

We will not accept applications sent to other AirGO email addresses. We do not reply to applications that do not meet the outlined expectations or do not fulfil the requirements of the posted positions.
Include your CV with a photo and a cover letter, along with relevant certificates/documentation, explaining:

  • Why you are applying for the position
  • How you can contribute to AirGO’s growth
  • What your strengths and weaknesses are
  • What you expect in terms of personal development
  • Any insights you can give us into your personality, whether it’s a personal philosophy, thoughts on how to deal with difficult customers, how you would handle criticism, etc.

We kindly request you refrain from applications by telephone. Still have questions? Please write us!

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