Covid-19 Safe Travel by Private Jet

Travelling in times of Covid-19

During the Covid-19 pandemic, private aviation is one of the healthiest and safest modes of travel. Flying privately decreases the infection risk for yourself and others. For AirGO, the health and safety of our passengers and crew is of highest priority. Therefore, we take preventive measures to fully protect our passengers and staff as far as possible.

A significant reduction of Covid-19 touchpoints along the journey

Fly directly from your origin to your destination, avoiding transits and minimizing waiting time. With AirGO you can fly directly from over 2000 airports in Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and around the Mediterranean.

Using private airport terminals you are exposed to fewer other visitors and spend less time at airport facilities. On some smaller airports you will benefit from direct car access to the aircraft. That is an unbeatable health and safety advantage for Covid-19 safe travel.

Highest level of biosecurity

All our crews are wearing masks during interaction with passengers.

The aircraft cabin is thoroughly and strictly cleaned and disinfected prior every passenger flight. Also, hand sanitiser for passengers and crews is provided on board. Our aircraft are equipped with an environmental system that constantly supplies fresh air to the cabin. There is no need to recycle the air in flight because the air is completely replaced with new air from outside.

Keep the recommended distance

On a private jet, you have the entire aircraft to yourself and you do not share the cabin with anyone else, except your companions and crew.

Thanks to the spacious cabin of our aircraft it is possible to keep the recommended distance even while on board. Unlike many other light jets, the Piaggio Avanti allows keeping distance between the passengers and the flight crew. Also, passengers like co-workers or business partners, who do not live in the same household, find space for social distancing.

Covid19 social distancing private jet

Information is key

AirGO sources latest Covid-19 information from specialised doctors. For the general measures and development, AirGO follows the suggestions of a Covid-19 center hospital in the south of Germany, while testing is supported by a local doctor’s office. We meet all regulations and recommendations published by the EASA. We are implementing any new recommendations in the fastest way possible. Our flight crew and office staff members regularly receive briefings concerning special measures to prevent the spread of the Covid19 and updated procedures.

To find out if any restrictions are in place for your next trip, we recommend visiting official websites like or the official website of your departure country and the destination country. Alternately, please contact and our team will be happy to assists you with any questions. Find out about services and cost of a private flight here.

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